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We can provide hosted Moodle content management spaces for your organisation. On these spaces you (or we) can add online inductions and training materials including videos, assessments, certificates, forums and interactive learning modules.  For further information go to You can enrol now in the following courses, or have them customised for your organisation. If you have multiple users, contact us for a group discount

Emergency Management for Venues

We have a suite of courses to prepare all venue and workplace / facility staff for emergency prevention, preparation, response and recovery. There are 3 separate courses:

  1. Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)
  2. Chief Warden
  3. Warden

Australian Standard 3745 Emergency Management in Facilities  tells us that all venues must have trained EPC, Chief Warden and Wardens. Our courses provide this training along with a number of valuable resources. These courses are designed to comply with state and federal Worksafe and Safe Work Australia standards. We also have versions for Venues outside of Australia and for Australian workplaces. Click here to complete our free Emergency Planning in Facilities Health Check

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The Art of Presenting Click to enrol $50

Do you find the thought of speaking to groups of people overwhelming?

In meetings are you the last person to speak up?

When you do make a presentation do people listen and take action?

Some of us can speak publicly but can’t craft great content and some of us can create great content but we just cannot speak in front of a group of people.

The Art of Presenting is the course to help you understand how you need to craft a presentation for the greatest impact. We delve into understanding your audience, developing goals for your presentation, the best structure for a presentation and some tips on grabbing your audience’s attention and making your thoughts stick in their minds well after they have left the room.

Along with the 1.5 hours of video you will work alongside the lectures developing your own presentation, we have loads of extra resources and at the end of the course we will challenge you to a quiz and we also offer free critique on your presentation structure and video presentation.

So join us in learning the Art of Presenting.

At the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Create and deliver presentations to be proud of
  • Manage public speaking nerves.
  • Increase you influencing skills by communicating the right message in the right way.
  • Be noticed as a potential leader by management.
  • Provide learning experiences for adult audiences.

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Event Management for Beginners Click to enrol $50

Have you just volunteered to help organise the school fete, the football club social night, your cousin’s wedding and now do you have no idea where to start? Well this course is for you.

Drawing on 25 years experience organising some of the biggest events in Australia Lisa Price will take you through seven steps to organising brilliant events.

It doesn’t matter if your event is small or large this course will set you up for success.  With over an hour of video along with additional resources and set tasks you will learn strategies used the world over by event gurus.

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