“Friendly and approachable environment”  Zain Alobaidi 2015

“The trainer, able to discuss issues that arose and settle them easily. Also, the trainer helped me extrapolate information from the material and apply it to my workplace.”  Katherine Tsebelis 2015

“Julie was very thorough with her presentations and was a great help when I needed any assistance with the workbook. Further she tried making it as practical as possible especially trying to use examples from the aviation industry.” Bernie Wong 2015

“The best aspect of the training was the trainer: Julie. She presented the content very well through her powerpoint presentation as well as the group activities. She tried to relate to the aviation industry as much as possible as the whole class all had a background in aviation. Bernie Wong 2015

“The best aspects were the smallish group size and interactions on the day. Involving everyone in each activity took away from the PowerPoint and ‘chore’ of theory.” Jordan Currie 2016

“The venue was of good standard, had good access for the participants, and catered to the needs of everyone for the course. The course had a good balance of theory and practical exercises (as mentioned above). The different assessment methods applied made it workable/achievable for everyone who concurrently worked full time.”  Ermin Javier Jnr 2016

“The trainer tells you the standard of work required and set examples on how to complete different tasks and assessments. The trainers were up to date with the requirements and very helpful.” Tonderai Maranda 2016

“The best part of the training was completing some of the assessment tasks in the class. This ensured I had a solid knowledge of the process when I had to answer questions on my own. I also liked the posters for review at the end of day 1 and the start of day 2.” Sarah Morris 2016

Best Aspects of the Course. “The flexibility of the course. The classroom sessions were highly focused, looking at the critical elements of the course which would have been difficult to complete by distance. This laid the groundwork for the work which could then be completed out of class. Furthermore, the contextualisation of the unit for Aviation was outstanding and made it much clearer how the skills and knowledge were to be applied in real work scenarios.” Tom Hedges May 2016

Dear Julie, I would just like to say thank you very much for your workshops/training. It is always difficult to deliver to people from diverse backgrounds whose needs and skills are varied. I felt that you gave everyone an equal opportunity to be involved and to ask questions. As teachers and trainers it is easy to think that we ‘know everything’ but it is important to remember that learning never stops. I know that I can now plan more appropriately for how I will document my courses for next year. Yours sincerely Gay Oct 2016